Mission - Vision
Our Mission
On the way to attain excellence in administrative affairs of the university, our office undertakes the responsibility of fulfilling strategic management and planning, developing criteria of performance and quality, management information system and any kind of financial services of the university in an efficient, economic, productive, and timely manner, in harmony with the main partners and benefiting from information technologies, within framework of the powers granted by law.

Our Vision
To be a reputable and credible head office acting with an efficient, economic, and productive service policy, which is open to accountability with all its dynamics, employing a principle of transparency, with an efficient and modern working environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology and well-educated and competent staff, within framework of the responsibilities of this university that holds the main targets of increasing the quality of life by the way of projects based on science, technology, and social responsibilities and that was established and is developing as a social learning centre.